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Emotion / bODY code Healing

Trapped emotions and negative mental programs can cause chaos in the body, mind and lead to dis-ease in the body that in time can only be detectable by medical technology when it's reaches a critical point of severely affecting your health.

Financial Prosperity HEALING

Emotional and Mental imbalances cause blocks in attracting wealth and prosperity. Find out what emotions are fuelling your faulty core beliefs, limiting beliefs and negative programs about wealth. Shift your repulsion of wealth to attract of it.

Relationship healing

Emotional and Mental imbalances cause blocks in attracting the right partner too. By healing past trauma from those who have betrayed you, mistreated you, abused you and/or abandoned you. The faulty beliefs, limiting beliefs and negative programs about relationships can then be also released. Creating the space to open your heart and finding the courage to attract solid relationships again.


Do You feel Lost

Many of us have  been programmed  to behave a certain way, 
think a certain way, do things a certain way. 

What if you unlearned these programs and re-discovered how you
can best express who you are, use your real talents naturally
and create the world that suits you and benefits those who enter it?


& The Body

Are you done with feeling you are insignificant or unappreciated? Or are there other deeply-rooted emotions that may be blocking your progress in life?

Emotions are an integral part of our lives. They can feed us the energy we need for optimal health as well as snare us in a self-defeating prison that becomes harder to escape the longer we remain there.

Having us integrate Emotion Code and Body Code practices with our clients allows them to break free of past trauma energy, become more self-appreciative and more grateful for all the blessings in their life they once took for granted.

The Body Code process will help isolate reasons for physical discomfort and provide remedies that will reduce or eliminate it.  Most importantly, it will trigger the subconscious mind to begin the healing process.  Medical Doctors and Veterinarians can also benefit from the answers from the subconscious in order to target the disease or chaos that is causing the person (or animal) pain.


Energy Healing

In ancient times, enlightened Masters were given the wisdom of Life Force energy.  
In some Eastern cultures this would be called Qi, Chi or Prana. We, as living beings, have
within us currents of energy which flow throughout our body. Currents from the brain,
for example, flow to various parts of the body to communicate what needs to be done
to maintain optimum health. Unfortunately this flow of energy can be obstructed or slowed
by blockages in meridians and the lymphatic system.

The purpose of an Energy Healer is to place intention and request that life force energy
concentrates and channels through the healer to key parts of the client’s body where pain or
discomfort is concentrated.  The subtle energy transferred finds its way to the appropriate areas
and is channelled throughout energy centres and the meridian channels of the body.

The end result is someone with newfound relaxation and clarity.

Reserve Your Opportunity
for Self-Realization

There are many credible places where one can go to achieve self-realization.  
Unfortunately many require adhering to firm or lax versions of dogma.
At Celestial Warmth we pride ourselves in only having one element of dogma
(if you want to call it that)
and that is you are divine, original and complimentary part of humanity.  
Any other spiritual practice that seeks to place division or superiority of their practice over others
doesn't aid in your spiritual evolution and the collective evolution of humanity.